Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 14

I know I only posted a day ago, but I decided, being my last week in this beautiful city, I would do my post early since the end of this week is going to be busy!  Today, we ventured to Tripoli and TRIED to enter several different villas.  After going back and forth from closed to villa to another, we went to Hadrian's Villa and spent sometime there.

Once I studied the complex in history class, I immediately became interested.  The villa is composed of several different buildings, an island, and a couple different water features. 


Monday, April 25, 2011

Weeks 12 & 13

My time here in Rome is winding down and I am starting to realize how much Rome has changed my perception on the field of architecture, as well as, the impact it has placed on my life.  I feel grateful for having this experience and will never forget the memories.

For my last weekend here, I decided to take a trip to Barcelona.  I enjoyed the trip but was somewhat dissapointed with the lack of architecture.  The designs are much too colorful and artistic for my taste and, after talking to the students there, they could not really speak highly of the architecture there.  The sites I did visit were intruiging and a nice change of pace from the classical forms of Rome.  Below are pictures from the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies Van der Rohe, Park Cuell, and Tibidabo.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 11

This week, we took a trip to Southern Italy and explored several cities - Naples, Pompei, Capri, Stavia.  This trip was my favorite of the three over the semester, mostly because of the weather.  The week started off by most of us attending an AS Roma soccer game.  Unfortunately, they lost but the experience will be something I never forget; the emotion of the crowd was unreal and makes us "fans" in the United States look like boring spectators.

We first spent a couple days in Naples, looking at several different types of urban planning.  We also viewed some fascist architecture and, my favorite from Naples, the Galleria (nearly identical to the one in Milan).  After staying in Naples, we took a day trip to Capri and spent an entire day at Casa Malaparte.

The island of Capri was one of the most scenic places I have ever seen, the ocean, rolling hills, and different layers and styles of architecture make the island a very beautiful place to visit.  Our journey to Casa Malaparte was quite long - about a mile walk, but it was absolutely worth the hike.  Unfortunately, we were only allowed to take pictures up to a certain point before entering the grounds of the villa (copyright issues).  My time spent analyzing and sketching while at Casa Malaparte, about four hours, made me really appreciate my time spent here in Rome and how lucky I am to be sketching at such a masterpiece.  I hope to visit the home again in the future because going once was not enough!

After our trip to Capri, we spent the next couple days in Stavia, which is located off the ocean and only a couple miles from Pompei.  Our first day there, we explored some ruins and Dave gave us a tour through Pompei.  After sketching and walking all day, some of us went back to our hotel to play soccer and basketball, since our hotel was located right next to a school.  A couple of us were even invited to play soccer with some an Italian team that was practicing.  Even though they were a couple years younger than us (and much better), we still had a blast.